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Beautiful Journey with Toys

About Ecosmart Learn

EcoSmartLearn introduces a range of eco-friendly toys and crafts aimed at the comprehensive development of children. We strive to minimise the use of harmful and toxic chemicals and plastics in toys and crafts. This is a platform and approach which aims to develop the creative and intuitive skills of children. We aim to make learning fun with the utmost care in selecting toys and crafts which are harmless and natural/organic/healthy.

Why EcoSmartLearn Building Smart Futures!

Kids learn the best through play, which is why educational eco friendly wooden toys are key to their development and make great gifts. Our eco friendly wooden puzzles, toys and crafts are oriented to ‘fun and learn approach’ which helps children to self-learn the complex logics and methods with ease. EcoSmartLearn tools will also help parents and teachers to elucidate difficult topics effortlessly. We offer an option to parents, teachers and children to go eco-friendly and avoid the use of toxic plastics in toys which are harmful to self and the environment. We bring to you the toys, crafts and puzzles made from natural raw materials like wood, clay etc. We pledge to minimise the use of plastic and other materials in toys and our crafts.

Benefits of Using our Toys

Our educational eco friendly wooden toys are specifically designed to help kids learn faster and allow them to explore and grow. They help develop different areas such as Math, literacy, science and more. From infancy until kindergarten, kids are taught basic skills and concepts through playful actions, such as singing, drawing and stacking. They can teach an infant how to recognise shapes and track objects, help a toddler learn phonics or encourage a kid’s creativity and artistry.


Mission of the company is to provide children, parents and teachers with safe and eco-friendly toys, which will help in the overall development and progressive thought of children with zero defect to the environment.


  • To be a world leader in research and development of Educational Toys
  • Large scale manufacturing and thereby capturing a high market share of world population Creation of enormous employment opportunities
  • Manufacturing toys with Eco friendly and safe materials and technologies which will result
  • in development of a healthy generation.


  • Provide good quality organic products
  • Abide to the quality standards
  • Sell at reasonable prices
  • On time delivery of products
  • Ensure that products have a great customer value as benefits derived are much above the price of product
  • Achieve maximum business potential
  • Building hard core loyalty market